Newton Heath Dog Training Club offers a range of obedience courses and awards schemes. In addition to our own training courses we also offer dog owners the chance to participate in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog scheme.

Since the launch of The Kennel Club’s nation-wide training programme in 1992 for dogs and their owners, the Good Citizen Dog Scheme has become an outstanding success. Over 52,000 dogs have successfully passed the test which is administered through 1,050 training organisations.

The scheme brings together simple exercises such as basic dog training, grooming, exercise, diet, cleaning up after the dog and general healthcare. All dogs are eligible for Good Citizen training, be they pedigree or cross-breed, young or old.

The scheme incorporates four awards – BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and Puppy Foundation Assessment. Each level involves a gradual development in our understanding of dogs.  A trained dog is a happy dog and remember, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Dog owners also have an obligation to their community and participants will be guided on the joys of responsible dog ownership. The course is straightforward and non-competitive and on successful completion of each of the tests, participants will be awarded a certificate to mark their achievement and a rosette on completion of the Bronze Award.


Here a few training tips for you to think about, however real results are made using techniques such as these with an experienced trainer. After all the trainer has been in the situation you are in with starting fresh with your dog and can give tailored advice for individual problems.

In order to successfully train your dog it must be kept fun, we do this by constantly changing our training classes to create a varied training environment for your dog.

Reward is the main basis for any animal training either through praise, toys or food. It is better to get your dog to do what you want and praise it, get this right and your dog wont want to get things wrong.

Training dogs takes time to succeed, some exercises and behaviours take a long time to train but you will begin to see a change in your dog. This creates a immense sense of achievement when training pays off.

Practice makes perfect, exercises done for short periods frequently help the dog learn without getting bored. This philosophy must be taken home as 1 hour training per week at the club will not be enough. the club trainers will give you advice on exercises to do at home which will speed you to success.

Always ensure that you don’t give up on your dog, do let it ignore a command, but remember to be understanding especially if it’s a new exercise you’re attempting.

Every dog is different this is due to its heritage and breed. Some dogs learn some exercises faster than others, don’t get disheartened – you and your dog will be able to do it too (even if it is a little later)

Always ensure that you are consistent with your commands no matter which member of your family is training your dog. Commands are ideally one word and are different than other commands. For instance don’t use ‘sit down’ use either ‘sit’ or ‘down’ because your dog can’t possibly do both at the same time.

Think about a release command to tell your dog that the exercise is over, for example ‘FINISHED’

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